We are selling gift certificate’s like hotcakes. We had two more go out this a.m. The woman who bought them said she found us by ‘surfing the web.’ It won’t be long before we are selling more through our website than we do the phone book.

I am so pleased with the good results from our website. It tells me we are filling a need (serenity center rather than medical massage center) and we have correctly identified our uniqueness and have given the right impression of our mission on our website.

Thanks for helping us to have a beautiful and serene website…which is promoting our business and helping us to ‘heal the planet – one heart at a time.’

Anne P.
Whole Body Health Center

Dear Friends,

It is without equivocation that I issue this letter of sterling reference in behalf of WWW Development. My firm has employed WWW Development to develop many web sites, as well as, revise existing sites that were poorly prepared by other web designers.

All work was done in a very precise manner, and the quality speaks for itself. Our hits and inquires have significantly increased due primarily to their skills and knowledge of web design and the Internet.

They handle their work with great pride to insure your company image and theme presentation are portrayed in the highest quality. In addition, their fees are extremely reasonable, and they give their personal guarantee the work is done correctly, efficiently, and on time!

I highly recommend you use of this firm.
Hal S.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to recommend the services of WWW Development. Our company has worked closely with WWW Development for 6 years since our Website’s inception.

WWW Development has very talented designers and has been timely and efficient in dealing with our requests for updates, changes, and information. They has been diligently keeping our listings high on the major search engines. They have taken our input and presented options for us to choose from when evaluating upgrades.

In addition, WWW Development works with several of our individual clinics that are members of Colorado Massage Network. They have been a great educators for them to learn about Websites and choose appropriately for their interests and budget.

Most recently, we have a new department head who is in contact with WWW Development regularly and frequently. He has been extremely complimentary of their professionalism, organizational ability and continuing education regarding their profession.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Yours truly,
Kathryn S.
Colorado Massage Network, LLC

Subject: Thanks for the Excellent Work

I just received a call from one of my clients whose web site was optimized for search engines by your company. The bottom line is they were thrilled. They sold a big job to an international customer because their page came up prominently and had the right descriptive information, that after only being up for less then three months! The result was not only a qualified customer on the line, but the immediate award of a contract for services. I just received your most recent search engine report for the site, and it looks like their placement is only getting better. Thanks for the great work!

I have to admit, that I am also very happy with the other work you have done on all the websites you have done for my company. I am good at delegating, but only to folks who have initiative and just get the job done. I can’t tell you how nice it is to give a few vague instructions to someone via phone or email and get reply email with the word “DONE.” So far it hasn’t mattered whether the work was dressing up graphics, editing text, adding features like java or making animations, you have always had the depth of skills needed and have offered the turnaround and price I needed to keep my customers happy.

In any event, I just had to pass on the compliment and wanted to let you know that I appreciate the skills and service your company offers. I no longer have to keep up with the continuously changing search engine world and will just call you when I want to know the state-of-the-art in search engine placement and need to show results.

Feel free to share this letter with your customers or prospective customers, I will be glad to provide a personal reference any time.

Mike H.
Communication Designs, Inc.