Web Hosting

We can offer you a dedicated server or shared space on one of our servers. Here are the high-level differences between the 2 options:

Shared hosting – This means that you are essentially sharing a server’s resources with other websites on the same machine. Ninety percent of the time, this is the preferred approach as the advantages are a much less expensive solution with many of the same features you would find in a dedicated environment.

Dedicated hosting – In this case, your website would be the only one on a particular server and would have all of the system resources available at your disposal. While this is a much more costly alternative to the shared hosting environment, for highly trafficked sites or sites with specific configurations, this might be the only option.

In addition to the infrastructure details listed above, we offer SQL Server database hosting and run most of our web applications on the Windows platform using ASP or Active Server Pages as the preferred programming language.

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